Hows does it work....?

Under the Online Lessons TAB you will find different grades.

A digital time table will be availible for online lesson.


  1 2 3
Monday English Maths IsiZulu
Tuesday Music PE LO
Wednesday EMS Afrikaans Tech
Thursday NS Drama Geography


Simple click on the subject to enter the online lesson. ( remember enter with your full name e.g. John Smith)

What you will need to join an online lesson:

  • Access to the internet
  • A Microphone
  • Webcam (optional)
  • Your Text books for the required subjects
  • and access to the school communicator ( D6 Communicator )

When you click on the link you will be sent to a awaiting room. the Teacher will do a register and give you access to the lesson (DONT BE LATE)

Make sure your microphone is muted and your video is on 

Wait for the teacher to greet you.