Hows does it work....?

Under the Online Lessons TAB you will find different grades.

A digital time table will be availible for online lesson.


  1 2 3
Monday English Maths IsiZulu
Tuesday Music PE LO
Wednesday EMS Afrikaans Tech
Thursday NS Drama Geography


Simple click on the subject to enter the online lesson. ( remember enter with your full name e.g. John Smith)

What you will need to join an online lesson:

  • Access to the internet
  • A Microphone
  • Webcam (optional)
  • Your Text books for the required subjects
  • and access to the school communicator ( D6 Communicator )

When you click on the link you will be sent to a awaiting room. the Teacher will do a register and give you access to the lesson (DONT BE LATE)

Make sure your microphone is muted and your video is on ( if available)

Wait for the teacher to greet you.


Please Fill out the forms that are relevant to your choice

Please click on one of the buttons below


Please complete if your child IS returning to school

Please complete if your child NOT returning to school

 !!!School Fee Letter to Parents!!!