• 25m swimming pool
  • School field
  • Cricket nets
  • Jungle Gyms
  • Netball/ hockey quad
  • All equipment needed for Swimming as well as playing Cricket, Netball, Soccer, Hockey and other sports
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DNPS offers a well-rounded and jam-packed sports programme conducted by two full-time Sports teachers as well as a team of part-time coaches. Each child has the opportunity to participate in at least 3 hours a week of formal sporting activity at DNPS.

DNPS offers cricket, soccer, and hockey for the boys as well as netball, hockey and indoor soccer for the girls. Our 25m pool is new and our swimming programme has improved and is growing.

At DNPS our sport is aimed at giving every child a chance to participate and be a part of a team. We encourage children to be involved, as much as they can, in all the sport offered at the school including our extra-curricular programme.